DATE: Nov 9, 2013/ Mike White’s home

In Attendance: Brian Sheron (presiding), Marshall Abrams, Bob Reid, Mike White, Tom Brodrick

Call to order

Approval of minutes 10-12-13

Committee Chair Reports:

Minicon: St. Matthew’s Church booked for 5/31

Conference: Prelim report rec’d and attached. Total attendance 342!!

Flyer: Assistant Editor position open. Work progresses on next issue.

Paymaster: Current Balance $3998.15.  (Click here)

Webmaster: Bill Mosteller has agreed to accept position.

Layout tours: Booked through 9/14

Position Descriptions: Clerk to research archives and forward anything found to each Board member. Each member will draft a position description.

Replacement of White flag extras. Activity suspended due to lack of participation.

VA. Mini con. Chair to be appointed, 2 clinic tracks to be used, 2 digital projectors to be purchased, Marshall to provide recommendations. Mike White to chair the clinics, Brian Sheron agreed to chair contacting the module groups. Brian will contact Bill Dumas to help with the front desk

Donations to be tabled for now

Blog re MER convention: Link to exiting Tidewater Blog to be provided. Articles to be written for the Flyer by 12/1

Next Meeting: Teleconference on 1/20/14


Submitted by Bob Reid, Clerk.