Potomac Division Board Meeting

             November 29, 2009

The Potomac Division Board meeting was convened via telephone conference call at 8:30 PM by Superintendent Marshall Abrams.  Present were Mark Andersen, Bill Day, Mike White, Brian Sheron, Bill Demas, and Chesapeake Division liaison Russ Forte.

Paymaster’s Report – Mark Andersen reported the Division had a net balance of $4514.62 after income and expenses, and includes a balance of $402.67 for the Module Crew.  This reflects a net decrease of $123.59 since the last report.  The primary expense was for an outlay for the module crew for upgrading electronics.

Clerk’s Report – Bill Demas reported the Division has an active paid NMRA membership of 366, including 6 new members, but nonetheless reflects a net decrease of 4 since the last report.

Newsletter – the deadline for articles to be submitted to John Griffith for the next issue of the Flyer is December 4.

Program Coordinator – Brian Sheron will temporarily assume the duties of this position since the resignation from the Board of Tom Brodrick.  

Layout Tours – there are currently no tours scheduled for January.  Stan Knotts had suggested a few potential tour hosts, and Brian will follow up and attempt to schedule a few tours before the minicon in April.

AP Program – Brian Sheron reported since the last meeting, an AP certificate application for Electrical was submitted for Mike White.

Computer Clerk – Mike White reported the web page information is now current, and all new postings are being done in a timely manner.

Module Crew – Mark Andersen reiterated the December appearances for the Crew from the last meeting.  They are: Dec 5&6: Fairfax Station Holiday Show; Dec 12&13: Herndon Days Town Celebration, and Jan 2&3: Greenberg Show at Dulles Expo Center.

Old Business – Marshall reported the updating of the bylaws continues apace and will be ready for posting on the website and ratification by the membership at the minicon.

New Business – Marshall stated that an election to fill the vacant voting Board member slot will take place at the next meeting.

    Publicity – Russell Forte will contact NMRA and hobby publications to announce the minicon.  He will also work with Mike to link all info between the two divisions.
    Clinics – Mark Andersen has 11 slots filled with five committed clinicians.  He will submit to Mike detailed information for each clinic for posting.  Russell was encouraged to find if anyone from Chesapeake Division was interested in presenting; Mark would accommodate them as necessary.
    Contests/Judging/Awards – Brian Sheron reported that three judges will be on site for judging and critiquing.  After discussion, it was agreed that awards would be given out based on the actual number of models entered.  No award would be given if less than three models were entered. First Place only would be given for three models.  First and Second Place for up to ten models, and First, Second and Third Place for ten or more entries.
    Celebration of Models – Russ, Brian, and Bill Day will solicit among the many outstanding modelers within the divisions to bring and display samples of their craft.

The next meeting will be held January 9, 2010 at noon at Marshall Abrams’ home.

Respectfully submitted,
Bill Demas, Clerk
Potomac Division 2, MER