DATE: Sept. 21, 2013/ Tom Brodrick’s home

In Attendance: Marshall Abrams (presiding), Brian Sheron, Bill Day, Mike White, Tom Brodrick

Minicon:  No response from the church on our acceptance for the application on renting St. Matthew’s on April 4, 2014. Tom will follow up.

Paymaster’s report was given and accepted. The audit has been performed by an outside source and a letter from the auditor is attached to this report. Accounts were good shape.

It was unanimously voted to discontinue the White Flag Extras due to declining interest and participation was reported by Bill Day. The matter of what to replace it with was tabled for after the election of the next board at the Regional Convention.

Bill Day reported that he is stepping down from the Board and the Board unanimously voted their gratitude for his service and the work he did on the 2013 MER Convention as publicist and volunteer coordinator.

It was moved and unanimously voted to record the excellent job Marshall has done as President of the Board and for his work on the organization of the 2013 MER Convention. 

The Board discussed the cash balance and how to apply it in supporting the model railroading hobby. Possible and prior contributions were mentioned. Further action tabled until next Board meeting.

Submitted by Tom Brodrick, Clerk.