Officers and Committee Chairs Chosen

On Saturday, October 12th, the Potomac Division held its annual meeting sat the Crown Plaza Hotel in Rockville, Maryland, in conjunction with the 2013 Mid Eastern Region Convention. At the meeting, the following individuals were unanimously elected to the Board; Marshall Abrams, Brian Sheron, Tom Brodrick, Mike White, and Bob Reid. In addition, Bylaw changes were approved that lengthen the time that Board members may serve from 18 to 20 months. This was done to accommodate the years when the Potomac Division hosts the MER convention, and 20 months can elapse between the last Mini-convention and the MER convention.

Following the Potomac Division annual meeting, the newly-elected Board met and selected positions for the Board members. Marshall Abrams has decided to take a break from the superintendent's position, and Brian Sheron was selected to be the superintendent.Brian will continue to be the Division's Achievement Program Chair. Marshall will be the senior assistant superintendent and also will be the editor of the Potomac Flyer. Tom Brodrick will become the assistant Superintendent and also will be the layout tour coordinator. Mike White will retain his position as Paymaster, and Bob Reid will be the new clerk. In addition, Clint Hyde will be in charge of Layout Disposal Assistance, and Bill Mosteller will be the Division's webmaster. 

Brian Sheron, Superintendent
October 21, 2013