Potomac Division Board Meeting
June 19, 2010

The Potomac Division Board of Directors meeting was convened at 12:40 PM by Superintendent Marshall Abrams at the Old Country Buffet in Fairfax, VA.  Martin Brechbiel served as host.  Also present were Bill Day, Mike White, Brian Sheron and Bill Demas.

Paymaster’s Report - Mark Andersen submitted a report that the Division had a net closing balance of $3286.39 after income and expenses and includes a closing balance of $423.36 for the Module Crew.  The minicon realized a net of $60.00 after income, donations and expenses, $30.00 of which will go to Chesapeake Division, leaving a net profit of $30.00 and virtually achieving our goal of breaking even.  Mark also reported that due to the expanded edition, the Flyer postage now costs $1.22 each to mail, but the Board voted for no increase in the subscription rate since there were no more than 10 mailed paper copies each edition.  

Clerk’s Report – Bill Demas reported the Division membership stood at 376 members including Railpass applications as of May 31 for a net increase of 8 members since the last report on April 11..  He also reported letters of appreciation had gone out to the South Columbia ministry and other parties who participated to make the minicon the success it was.  

Newsletter – No deadline has been set for the next edition of the Flyer.  Mike will tell Martin the final number of paper copies of the Flyer to print for postal mailing for each edition.

Layout Tours – Brian Sheron reported no tour in July as the operations clinic is scheduled for July 10.  Rick White is scheduled for August 22 in Burke, VA.  Mark will work the door.  Andrew Dodge in Olney, MD in September.  Bill Demas will work the door. Brian also reported Mike now has layout pictures to go on the website with the tour write-up.  Brian will schedule special interest events in January, April and July.  Layout tours will be scheduled for February, March, May and June, and possibly one in January already under consideration.

A P Program – Brian reported no new certificates were awarded since the last meeting.

Computer Clerk’s Report – Mike White reported Contact List updating is ongoing.  Several new welcome letters to new members, including Railpass applicants, were sent out.  On the website, Mike finalized the Helper Service page and developed and posted it on the site, as well as continuing ongoing maintenance and updating.  

Module Crew – Mark Andersen submitted the next scheduled round of appearances for the Crew.  They will appear at the Lyceum in Alexandria on August 14 & 15; Greenberg’s Train Show in Chantilly August 28 and 29; and Fairfax Station September 5 and 6.

Old Business – Clinic - Martin reported the site for the classroom session was secured at the George Mason Regional Library.  Marshall confirmed it would be at 1:30 PM, Saturday July 10.  This clinic will serve as a gauge to measure interest in future clinics and help determine primary topics of interest.  Marshall will send out a broadcast reminder July 1 for this clinic.  Bill Day will explore the possibility of joining with the Vienna Club to”piggyback” on their “guest conductor” series for future clinics. (Note: This has been explored with Vienna and is not feasible at this time due to scheduling and capacity).  Marshall suggested Martin and Bill Day hold future clinics on their respective areas of expertise (hands-on make ‘n take and animation).
Helper Service – Bill Day will send to Brian a paragraph regarding a Referral List for the Helper Service page before submitting it for posting on the website.
Walkersville Excursion – Marshall will invite South Mountain and Chesapeake Divisions to join us.

New Business – Marshall proposed and the Board approved a new committee on Program Coordination.  Joint chairmanship is shared by Martin and Bill Day.  This committee’s first charge will be to identify and compile a list of experts and their field of expertise, within the Division and gauge their interest in participating in proposed future clinics, and with proper information, determine when and where those clinics would be held.
Mike White will post a request for descriptive information from local operating groups within the Division to begin cataloguing and adding to the Operation page.
Record Backup – Members of the Board adopted a program of cross-storing their files.
2011 Minicon – Mark reported St. Matthew’s Church in Annandale has been reserved for Friday, April 1 and Saturday, April 2, 2011.  The fee is $500.00.  Marshall will invite all the neighboring MER Divisions to attend.
The next meeting will be Saturday, August 28 at a time and place to be determined.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill Demas, Clerk