Potomac Division Board Meeting

February 27, 2010

The Potomac Division Board of Directors meeting was convened at 12:30 PM by Superintendent Marshall Abrams at Brian Sheron’s house.  Also present were
John Griffith, Mike White, Martin Brechbiel, Bill Demas, and MER Past President Clint Hyde.  John Drye and Chesapeake Division liaison Russ Forte joined the meeting by teleconference from 1 PM to 1:15 PM for discussions concerning the Minicon.

Paymaster’s Report – Mark Andersen submitted his report that the Division had a net balance of $4660.31 after income and expenses and includes a balance of $543.36 for the Module Crew.  This represents an increase of $150.00 since the last report on January 9, 2010, and is the Module Crew compensation for participation in the World’s Greatest Hobby Show in January.

Clerk’s Report – Bill Demas reported that the Division membership stood at 366 active paid NMRA members as of February 8, 2010; a net increase of 1 since the last report on January 9, 2010.

Newsletter – John Griffith reported the deadline for the Spring Flyer had been pushed back to March 11.  The expanded Flyer would have 24 pages plus three pages on the by-laws and their proposed changes.  John was building a backlog of articles for future publication.

Layout Tours – Brian Sheron reported that Jim Brewer agreed to reschedule to March 21.  He would also contact another member who lives nearby and see if he would also hold an open house on March 21 in conjunction with Jim.  Mike will post the changes on the website.  Brian also has a lead for a member who may be willing to host an open house in April.  Clint will contact Mat Thompson, who has resigned, to arrange to pick up the open house “manual” Nick Kalis created when he was layout tour coordinator.

A P Program – Brian Sheron reported no AP awards since the last Board meeting.

Computer Clerk’s Report – Mike White reported that since the last Board meeting, the Contact List has been updated and sent to Marshall.  The welcome letters have been sent out, and he has received “Thank you” feedback response from three new members.  The webpage and Minicon ongoing updates continue.  Mike has sent Brian a custom contact list for those members who may be interested in serving as a Helper Service contact resource.

Module Crew – Mark Andersen submitted a report that in addition to the upcoming shows previously reported, the Crew is scheduled to appear at the Lyceum Museum Show in Alexandria August 14 & 15; Greenburg Show at Dulles Expo Center August 28 & 29; and the Fairfax Station Show September 5 & 6.

Old Business
     The report on the feasibility of co-hosting with NVTRAK in 2014 from John Drye was tabled.  
     The letters to the three organizations to accompany the checks were sent to Mark January 15.
     The Elections Committee has prepared a ballot for distribution at the Minicon and to be included in the Flyer for absentee ballots.  John Griffith reported all candidate personal sketches are in for publication.

New Business
     The Board reaffirmed that all Division sponsored activities will be open to all members.

     Teleconference – Church details: Bill Demas will get in touch with Bob Burroughs to ascertain prior evening availability, number, size, and type of tables, room availability, finalize meal menu, etc. and will put Bob in touch with John and Clint for those answers and any other questions concerning the physical layout.  John had previously distributed a church diagram showing space assignments.
     The Board determined that Model Railroad Hobbyist Magazine was welcome to set up a table at no charge at the Minicon, but their representatives would be required to pay admission.
     White Elephant – will have help from Russ Forte and Arthur Boyd of Chesapeake Division.
     Clinics – Mark will rearrange the slots for Martin Brechbiel to the morning and will contact a member to fill the remaining slot.  Clint has a cut-off for his car building clinic at 20 participants.  Guaranteed pre-registration may be made by sending the extra fare to the Clerk by April 10.
      Signs – Clint will secure 3 signs used at the last regional for guide in to the church from MD Rt 32 and Guilford Road.
      Awards – Brian will announce the award winners at the end of the Minicon, and the awards will then be mailed out.
      Layouts – Three module crews are confirmed for setup – NVTRAK, BANTRAK, and MARRS.
The next meeting will be at noon on April 10 at a location TBD. [Ed. note: the meeting date has been subsequently changed to April 11].

Respectfully submitted,
Bill Demas, Clerk
Potomac Division