Potomac Division Board Meeting
January 7, 2012

The Potomac Division Board of Directors meeting was called to order by Marshall Abrams at 1:30 PM at Mike White’s home in Owings, MD.  Members present were Marshall Abrams, Brian Sheron, Mike White, Andrew Dodge, and Kurt Thompson, Superintendant of the Chesapeake Division.

Paymaster:  Mike issued verbal and written reports on the financial status of the Division.

Computer Clerk:  Mike created new mailing list with Excel Program and updated November and
December lists as received from MER Business Manager.  He also welcomed one new member.

Webmaster:  Mike created new webpage for the 2012 Minicon and updated Clinics and Scheduled
Layout Tours site for 2011 and 2012 and included J.D. Smith’s open house on March 17.

Layout Tours:  Brian reported that layout tours scheduled through mid-year with listings on
the website. 
Planned Layout Tours
January 14 at Roger Sekera’s Clinch Valley Lines
February 25 at Glenn Paulson’s Conrail Mountain Division
March 17 at J. D. Smith’s Rathole Division on the Southern

White Flag Extras:  Bill was not at the meeting but the clinics scheduled can be found at:   http://home.comcast.net/~Potomac_NMRA/Planned Clinics/Planned Clinics.html
Using Structural Steel to Create Industries and Scenes: Tom Brodrick
January 21, 2012, Leisure World, Silver Spring, MD, 2-4 PM
Complex Rock Formations Made Easy: Bob Johnson
 March 3, 2012, Reston Regional Library, Reston VA, 2-4 PM

Achievement Program:  Brian reported that many members are participating in the program and an increasing number are being awarded their certificates.  Bob Reid received his Author, Civil, Electrical and Scenery AP Certificates.
John Paganoni received his Master Builder-Cars AP certificate.

Potomac Flyer Report:  Marty was absent but contacted the Board by email that the latest edition would be posted on the Web Monday.  He is also going to be using the publishingprogram InDesign, which will better accommodate the larger files.

Board decided to create the position of Photographer/Journalist for the PD.  Mike heading the search for a person to fill the new position.

Board discussed expiring memberships.  Andrew to draft text to be emailed to PD members as a reminder to renew
their membership

Education:  Mike reported that Fred Bock, Assistant Manager for Education at the NMRA, is looking into various types of educational programs to introduce the general public to model railroading and has created an invitation - only Yahoo group to share similar information.  
That program is developing a set of 45 minute programs on various aspects of model railroading such as buildings, framing, track work, etc.  Mike and Marshall are members of that group.  Mike will review the  available educational programs on model railroading at the next Board meeting.

MER C & P 2013 Convention, October 10-13, 2013
Site selection is still being discussed between members of the Chesapeake and Potomac

General discussion by the Board and Kurt concerning the number of clinic tracks which will be offered and approved offering three sessions for each time slot with no repeat clinics.  Board agree to suggest an MER business-breakfast meeting Sunday morning.  Note to schedule breakfast meeting for MER Superintendents and officers on Saturday.  Discussed the pros and cons of having a speaker for the dinner on Saturday evening.

New Business:
Discussed the feasibility of inviting Northern Virginia modular club to do a setup at the Minicon along with other organizations.  Bill will do invitations.

Next Board meeting,  joint with the Chesapeake Division representatives March 10, 2012, at
Andrew Dodge’s home.  Details for the Minicon will be one of the main orders of business.