Potomac Division Board Meeting
March 10, 2012

The Potomac Division Board of Directors meeting was called to order by Marshall Abrams at 1:00pm, March 10, 2012 at Andrew Dodge’s home.  Members present were Marshall Abrams, Bill Day, Brian Sheron, Mike White, Marty McGurik, and Andrew Dodge.  A quorum was present and an agenda approved.


Paymaster:   Assets of $3576.54 at the beginning of the period.  Checks written:  Brian Sheron in the amount of $10.43 for postage expense.  Division has a closing balance of $3566.11.

Computer Clerk:  . Obtained services of Bob Reid as Reporter/Photographer for the Minicon.  Reviewed NMRA Adult Education Yahoo Group postings for Division ideas.  Downloaded representative samples of programs for discussion at meeting.

Layout Tours:  Brian reported status of tours:   
                            March 17 at J. D. Smith’s Rathole Division on the Southern
                            May 19 at Monroe Stewart’s Hooch Junction
                            June 9 at Jim Hellwege’s Bangor and Aroostook Railroad
                            November 10 at Dan Vandermause

White Flag Extras:  Bill will lead a discussion about future programs

Achievement Program:  Brian has nothing to report

Clerk:      Developed proposals for the Seminar Program, served as Minicon liaison for the Division with Bob Burroughs, Communicated with Bob on several occasions in January and February, met Bob at the church on January 21 and February 18. Reviewed  services and space issues, and contacted the church youth group leader to review lunch options for the Minicon.

Potomac Flyer Report (Marty McGuirk):
                April-June (2nd Qtr 2012) issue of Flyer distributed electronically to members on 4 March.
                Upcoming Deadlines:
                    Summer issue: 15 Jun
                    Fall issue: 14 September

Old Business:

Achievement Program:
Brian to report on status of getting full list of AP awards from Charlie Flichman in order to reconcile his list with that of the PD.

Membership Renewal:
Draft emailed to board for their review.

Model Railroad Seminars:
Discuss program (Proposal email to all Board Members)
Leaders will be requested to provide a short review of how their session worked with the objective of making improvements to the seminar program.

Mike’s report on the NMRA Education program on model railroading

Photographer/Journalist for the PD Minicon.
Mike heading the search for a person to fill the new position.
Bob Reid has volunteered for this job at the Minicon

All arrangements have been made with Bob Burroughs and agreed upon except lunch
Board will accept the proposal of the church for Chick-fil-A sandwiches to be sold by
the church youth group. (Box Lunch will be a sandwich or nuggets, fruit cup, chips, and a cookie).

MER C & P 2013 Convention, October 10-13, 2013
Board discussed:
    Site selection status
    Layout tours by local areas
    Marshall’s appointment of member of the Board to review positions at other conventions
    Number of clinic tracks
    Food, room, and other benefits offered to judges, speakers, and staff.

New Business:

Potomac Flyer:
    New Business Talking Points/Discussion – Streamlining FlyerSchedule –
    Process: Call for material//Submission Deadline//Draft released for review//Comments incorporated//Issue Released
    Schedule for next two issues provided – please follow it
    Submissions – Please include “For Flyer” in the Subject line to any email that contains items for Flyer.
    Mailing Hard copies of Flyer – Currently there are 5 or 6 copies that are mailed.

    Next Board meeting:
    June 9, 2012 at Marshall Abrams'.