Potomac Division Board Meeting
September 5, 2010

The Potomac Division Board of Directors meeting was convened at 12:27PM by Superintendent Marshall Abrams at Brian Sheron’s House.  Also present were Bill Day, Martin Brechbiel, Mike White, John Griffith, Tom Brodrick and Bill Demas.  The Superintendent began with welcoming remarks to Tom for volunteering to fill the vacant Paymaster’s position caused by the resignation of Mark Andersen.  A resolution of appreciation for all Mark’s untiring efforts on behalf of the Division for the past eight years was unanimously passed.

Paymaster’s Report – Bill Demas reported that new signature cards and a change of address were effected at SunTrust Bank.  The Board saw no reason to change banks and agreed to continue the account at SunTrust.  All Paymaster documents have been turned over to Tom Brodrick.  Tom reported the Division had a net closing balance of $4440.37.  So far, a total of 8 tickets have been sold as of the beginning of the meeting.
The Module Crew funds have been withdrawn from the Division account and is not included in the above balance.

Clerk’s Report – Bill Demas reported the Division membership of paid NMRA members stood at 372, and net decease of 4 since the last report  in June.

Newsletter - John Griffith reported the last edition of the Flyer with him as editor was ready to go out.  Mike will send to Martin the mailing list of the 10 members who receive the Flyer in hard copy by post.  John had turned over to Marshall CD’s with all Flyer templates and files.  Bill Day will write an article seeking a volunteer to replace John, stressing that Achievement Points accrue to the position.  Marshall advised that the Board members personally solicit anyone they thought would be able and interested.

Layout Tours – Brian Sheron reported that the September tour was Andrew Dodge in Olney, MD on the 12.  He will work the door.  November 7 is John Short in Germantown, MD.  Bill Day will work the door.  December 5 is Wes Morganstern in Rockville, MD.  Martin will work the door.  There will be no October tours because of the MER Regional Convention in Princeton and the Walkersville Excursion.

AP Program – Brian Sheron reported that Andrew Dodge had completed requirements for 6 Certificates and Ed Price had approved 5 Volunteer applications.

Computer Clerk’s Report – Mike White reported an updated Helper Service contact list file was being maintained.  The Division files were previously on two URL’s, but have now been consolidated in one.  He continues to send out a ”welcome package” to new Division members.  Two went out last month.  Updates to the web page, directories, Contact list, Helper Services are ongoing.  Five Operations groups are now listed on the web site.  John Griffith also provided a CD with all 2003 and 2008 Potomac Junction MER Convention records.  All these files will be consolidated for future reference by the host committee for the next MER convention.

Module Crew – The Board decided to change wording on the web site to include all module groups and create links to the three currently active within the Division.  Input for the Flyer will be welcomed from any of the groups from any of the groups.  Bill Demas reported the first mention of the HO Module Crew (“Module Group”) as an entity within the Division was in late 1989, and the first mention of their MC money as a separate item within the account was in January, 1994.

Program Coordinator’s Report – Bill Day and Martin Brechbiel reported a list of potential clinicians has been assembled and would be contacted when their particular area of expertise would be needed for a presentation.  The George Mason Regional Library in Fairfax County, VA was determined to be the best location for the next clinic in February, 2011.  Bill, Martin and Brian confirmed there would be clinics in February and June, and layout tours in the other months except April, which is the time for the minicon.

Old Business – Marshall Abrams reported on the Operations Clinic in July and August.  Thirty people attended the prerequisite introductory meeting at George Mason Library, and there were many questions asked, as well as give and take.  The first two hands-on operations meetings were less attended, but nonetheless successful.  One lesson learned for future clinics was to make a determination among the participants as to who is an experienced operator versus a new learner.  Another lesson is to reconfirm those who sign up for hands-on sessions.  This clinic will be repeated at the minicon.  

Bill Day has compiled a Helper Service referral list and submitted it to Brian.

Marshall has invited South Mountain and Chesapeake Divisions to join us for the Walkersville Excursion.

New Business – Mike White, Brian Sheron and Bill Demas have been appointed to the Audit Committee for a financial review of the Division as required by the by-laws.

The Board decided it would not be feasible to create audio DVD’s of clinics at this time, as suggested by the Gateway Division.

The Board discussed Service Recognition Awards.  Personalized, custom decaled rail cars were one option. Plaques and Certificates were another option.  It was determined that immediate past superintendents, Bob Minnis, Garret Nicholson, Clint Hyde and John Drye, and Mark Andersen would receive plaques. The form would include the Division logo, the position held and the dates of service as well as the statement of appreciation.  Bill Day and Tom Brodrick will determine a list of recipients and compile a list of car manufacturers and local dealers in plaques.
John Griffith emphatically stated he wished to not receive a plaque or car, and that a Certificate of Appreciation would be more than enough.  The Board, unwillingly it should be noted for the record, feels that a certificate is inadequate recognition for John’s service, but will accede to his wishes. (NOTE:  In post meeting discussions, John expressed a wish that a donation be made to Friends of the East Broad Top.)

The Division logo will be modified to read ”Potomac Division” instead of “Division 2”.  Martin will create a new template.
Bill Demas will create a master calendar from April to April for the Division.  April was chosen since that is when elections are usually held and a new administration takes office.  A review of the calendar will be an agenda item for all future Board meetings to insure all recurring requirements are being addressed.

2011 Minicon – Bill Demas received the contact name from Mark Andersen for St. Matthew’s and will contact her and confirm the dates, April 1 & 2, 2011.  The Board authorized that he make known that in addition to the regular rental payment, a payment shall be made to whatever group the church administration directs.

The next meeting will be held at noon Saturday, November 13 at Bill Demas’ house.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill Demas, Clerk
Potomac Division