Minutes for PD Board Meeting AUGUST 17, 2013

In attendance: Marshall Abrams, Mike White, Bill Day, Tom Brodrick

Meeting held at Crowne Plaza, chaired by Marshall Abrams

Approval of Minutes of previous meeting approved

Reports of Officers, Boards, and Standing Committees

Paymaster’s Report- Mike White

Clinics and white flag extra – Bill Day

Layout tours – Brian Sheron

Old Business

(Status update in italics)


Tom Brodrick to liaison with St. Matthew on Little River Turnpike to get prices and set a date. Submitting an application. Application form not received yet

Audit on checking account will be done by Gail Brodrick as soon as possible. Checkbook given to Gail will be returned at September meeting

Flyer Editor: Marty McGuirk volunteered to produce one more issue, which was published August 8. Still trying to find person

Business identified for this meeting

New Business