Minutes Potomac Division Board Meeting          June 29, 2013

Meeting was held at Marshall Abram’s home. Marshall presided.

In attendance were Bill Day, Clint Hyde, Marshall Abrams, Tom Brodrick, Mike White, and Brian Sheron

Minutes of previous meeting were approved as amended.

Tom Brodrick was introduced to the board, having been elected at an electronic meeting on June 20 to fill the vacant position of Clerk.

1.     Paymaster’s report was approved with a balance of $4008.27

a.     Audit on checking account will be done by Gail Brodrick as soon as possible

b.     Discussion of changing banks was tabled till after the convention. Marshall will take Andrew’s name off the account.

2.     Superintendent’s Report

a.     MER convention handbook to Bill Day and the rest of the Board- done

b.     E-mail announcement white flag 5/4- done

c.      Nominating Committee members announced—Bill Demas and John Drye

d.     Send an email to PMC explaining the decision to recommend Bylaw amendment elimination the liaison position. [Done; also in-person discussion with Brian Sheron and Russ Stewart.]

e.     Layout tours – September /Tom Brodrick

f.       Layout tours – November / Jim Brewer


3.     Minicom

a.     Tom Brodrick to liaison with St. Matthew on Little River Turnpike to get prices and set a date.

b.     Date to be if possible 1st Saturday in April or early April

4.     Brian and Marshall to review bylaws and format the changes previously approved by the Board.