May 21, 2016


Meeting called to order at 12:30 pm at the home of Bill White. Present were Brian Sheron, Superintendent, Marshall Abrams, Senior Assistant Superintendent, Tom Brodrick, Paymaster, Bill White, Clerk, Jesse Cantrill, Ken Wilson.


The minutes from the March 21, 2016, meeting were approved prior to being published on the website.


Program Reports


   Layout tours: Ken Wilson was confirmed as the new layout coordinator. He is checking on several possibilities. He may not schedule in June and July because of summer vacations and in October because of activities including the MER convention and Timonium. There is a June 4 tour at Bob Clark’s.

   Achievement Program: Ron King’s “Master Builder-Cars” AP package was forwarded to Charlie Flichman based on his completion of four scratch-built cars that won merit awards, and four super-detailed cars.

   Paymaster: Minicon had 48 paid attendees (60 last year) with 20 more possible (church people, misc.); it may be better to schedule in March next year.

       total receipts: $736 (admission & food); expenses: $896.29 (rent & food)

          total loss: $160.29

       balance: $4,381.23

       Tom feels the best deal for signs is on the internet; he will order between 15 and     

       20 stating:   “Potomac Division


                               Layout Tour”

    Flyer: the next issue is in good shape with several articles available; Marshall needs someone to replace Mike White’s Company Cars column.

    Webmaster: Bill Mosteller reports no problems at this time.

    Op Sessions: Pete and Jane Clarke’s on May 28, Marshall Abrams on June 26.



2016 Minicon

     Brian will prepare a draft report and checklist from all the collected “lessons learned” information.


2018 MER Convention

Tom received a confusing proposed catering contract from the Radisson. He, along with Brian and Marshall, will set up a meeting with Kim Levy from the hotel.


Old Business

·        Disposal: Marshall submitted a draft article. Brian suggested it be revised with a view toward making it a one-to-two page summary with a more detailed attachment.

·        Outreach: to be continued.

·        Board Nominations: all incumbent members elected at the Minicon will continue in their present positions (Brian Sheron - Superintendent; Marshall Abrams - Sr. Assistant Superintendent; Bill White - Clerk; and Tom Brodrick - Paymaster). Jesse Cantrell, newly elected to the Board, will assume the position of Assistant Superintendent.


        Bylaw Revision:  Bill will prepare proposed revisions based in part on a checklist submitted by Jessie. Brian reported that officer terms in other divisions are not standardized but most are at least two years on a staggered basis.


        The question of annexing counties in VA & WVA not included in a Division’s territory is still under review.


        Brian will check with Bob Price for membership information in certain Virginia and West Virginia counties bordering on the PD for possible future inclusion in the Division.


New Business

       Excursion: Tom will check on getting a bus to go to the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum in Altoona.


Next Meeting


September 17, 2016, at Tom’s house.


Action Items:


  Meet with hotel on room/banquet breakout at 2018 MER: Tom, Brian, Marshall

  Obtain 15 or 20 layout tour signs: Tom

  Check with Bob Price on members in adjoining VA and WVA counties: Brian

  Send approved March 21 minutes to web master: Bill

  Investigate revising by-laws to make them more current: Bill

  Review and revise draft article on disposal procedures: Marshall

  Look into getting a bus for an excursion to Altoona: Tom

  Prepare a check-list based on Minicon “lessons learned” suggestions: Brian