July 18, 2015

Meeting called to order at 12:30 pm at the home of Bill White. Present were Brian Sheron, Superintendent, Marshall Abrams, Senior Assistant Superintendent, Tom Brodrick, Paymaster, Bill White, Clerk. Phil Scruggs was unavailable as he was moving that day.

The minutes from the May 13, 2015 meeting were approved.

Program Reports

2016 Minicon

The 2016 Minicon is tentatively set for April 2nd at St. Mathews. Tom will chair. Marshall will be responsible for clinics; Registration: Bill Demas; Modulars & Food: Phil Scruggs; Contests & White Elephant: Brian. A luncheon speaker will be recruited by Brian. All board members will be responsible for advertising and marketing.

New Business

2018 MER Convention: MER has authorized. Site likely to be Crown Plaza, Rockville. Tom will check on pricing and provide them with previous convention prices and rooms reserved.

Next Meeting

On ________, at Phil Scrugg's house.

Action Items: