January 9, 2016

Meeting called to order at 12:40 pm at the home of Marshall Abrams. Present were Brian Sheron, Superintendent; Marshall Abrams, Senior Assistant Superintendent; Tom Brodrick, Paymaster; Bill White, Clerk, Jesse Cantrill, Ken Wilson.

The minutes from the October 3, 2015 meeting were approved.

Program Reports

Income: $149 from MER and $25 for Op Sessions.

Expenses: $180 for five years of our domain name.

Balance: $4,396.42

Tom will talk to MER about an order of signs for layout tours with a portion going to PD.

2016 Minicon

We have a volunteer for the White Elephant room (Kinder) and Jesse will assist.

Marshall will check on modular participation and the possibility of using FREMO.

Brian will check possible lunch speaker, possible speakers include Paul Dolkos and Lance Mindheim. Food will probably be by the Girl Scouts. Tom will check. Fees will be $10 for members, $15 for non-members or rail pass. Jesse will prepare 500 information cards to be distributed at the next Timonium show. Brian will send Jesse an appropriate example for submission to the NMRA magazine and will email invitations to the other divisions.

Old Business

Disposal: Marshall will send materials he has collected to Tom as the basis for a new article.

Marketing Plan: Jesse presented a draft plan.

2018 MER Convention: Tom is meeting with Crown Plaza in January.

New Business

New job descriptions for all board officers and layout tour coordinator need to be drafted. Bill White and Jesse will coordinate as a nominating committee.

Next Meeting

March 13, 2016, at Brianís house.

Action Items: