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Mid-Eastern Region NMRA 2018 Convention

White Elephant Information

There are two activities in the Jackson Room that you won't want to miss: the White Elephant Sale and the Door Prize Table.

The White Elephant Sale is an opportunity to sell some of your model railroad paraphanalia that is excess to your requirements and to purchase other folks' hidden treasures and bargains.

 It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you complete your forms prior to arriving at the Convention site to speed up the process of getting your items accepted to be in the sale. If you don't have your form completed and the price tags attached to your items, then you will have to complete the form on site. Obviously, this will take lots of your time and there will be limited space for folks to fill out forms.
Forms are available; click here.

White Elephant Procedures

     Bring your items to the convention’s White Elephant Sale any time after 4:00 pm on Thursday, October 4th.
     Complete the sales ticket (if you didn't do that in advance).
     The minimum price is $5. If you have inexpensive items, just bundle several items to achieve the minimum. All prices in whole dollars.
     The buyer takes the item to the cashier for immediate payment and takes the item.
     All buyers and sellers must be registered for the convention.
     Payment must be by cash or check payable to the Potomac Division.
     Sellers may pick up any unsold items on Sunday morning. Any items not picked up by the end of the convention will be considered donations to the Potomac Division.
     Sellers are charged a 10% commission by the Potomac Division.
     Private sales are not permitted in the White Elephant room. 
     The White Elephant Sale will end at 4 pm Saturday, October 6th.

Door Prize Procedures

The Door Prize Table includes items generously donated from various organizations and personal donors to support our convention.
Door Prize tickets sell for $1 each or 8 tickets for $5.
There will be a special door prize item for a very expensive fine scale kit donation. Each ticket will be $3

     If there is any possibility that you will not be at the convention to claim your winning door prize item on Saturday evening, mark your name and phone number on the back of the ticket. Unclaimed items after Saturday night will be available at the registration desk on Sunday morning. Any winning items unclaimed after Sunday morning will be held by the Potomac Division for 30 days in order for the winner to be contacted with the information they provided on their ticket and make arrangements to pick the item up. After 30 days, it will be forfeited to the Potomac Division for a future PD activity.
     Door prize participants must be registered for the convention.
     Put your tickets into the containers in front of items that you want to win.... There are plenty of items to choose from, and there will be lots of winners !!
     By 5:00 pm Saturday, October 6th, we will post a sign with the door prize item number, the description of the door prize item, and the winning door prize ticket number, on the door outside of the White Elephant Room.
     Someone will be on duty at the White Elephant room from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm and from 10:00 pm - 11:00 pm for folks with winning tickets to redeem them.

Thanks to the donors listed here and in the Convention Guide Book; it's really great to be able to rely on our hobby participants to support our conventions.


     Blair Line LLC
     Bowser Manufacturing
     Custom Model Railroads
     Kalmbach Model Railroader
     Mainline Hobbies
     Microscale Models
     Ron’s Books
     RR-CirKits, Inc.
     Streamlined Backshop
     Toy Trains and Collectibles
     White River Productions
     Woodland Scenics
     Yankee Dabbler

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