Mid- Eastern Region NMRA 2018 Convention

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Layout Tours

     Saturday afternoon:  #7 Phil Raymond—canceled, #19 Northern Virginia Model Railroaders—canceled
     Sunday:   #40 Baltimore Society of Model Engineers, Baltimore, MD 21201
The Baltimore Society of Model Engineers [#40]
The Baltimore Society of Model Engineers is a model railroad club located in Baltimore Maryland, formed in March 1932. We are the oldest exclusively model railroad club in the United States and the third oldest modeling society in the world! The BSME layouts and offices are located on the third floor of 225 West Saratoga Street, Baltimore, Maryland. Our downtown location is half a block from the light-rail station, and one and a half blocks from the Lexington Market subw The society operates both HO (1:87) & O (1:48) Scale 2-rail layouts. The O scale layout is set in early 1950s, the late steam and early diesel era.
   The HO layout models the fictitious Chesapeake and Western a Class I railroad with a double track mainline operation, a route westward from Baltimore towards Ohio. The city is a representation of Baltimore but not an exact model, with some landmarks and architecture. 
     Sunday: #41 Albert Pugliese—West Virginia – B&O, C&O, PRR, Ellicott City, MD 21043
West Virginia - B&O, C&O, PRR  [#41]
Al Pugliese has a good size floor to ceiling HO railroad he's been working on for 30 years. It is a freelanced HO 23x32ft spread. Based in the late 50s with heavy Pennsy B+O and C+O steam double track main line, featuring both freight and passenger consists, It also features a point to point logging branch that models Cass West Virginia on a 7x20 foot hill. Many of the structures are craftsman models and many are freelanced. The layout is not handicapped accessible.


     Thursday  10:00 pm -11:00 pm, Marty McGuirk, Lessons Learned and Modeling Tips and Techniques, clinic description added:
This clinic will highlight what Marty has learned from building and operating his most recent home layout. A heartfelt look at what went right, and perhaps more importantly what didn't go so well. Scattered throughout the narrative are tips on a variety of subjects ranging from research, layout design, and structure building to painting and weathering and scenery (and other topics) that you can apply to your own modeling.
     Saturday 8:00 am — 9:00 am, Eric Craig, Figures and Other Neat Things for Our Layouts—canceled
        Replaced by John Glaab & Gil Fuchs —  History of Model Railroad Control Systems  
     Saturday 11:00 am — 12:00 pm, John Drye, Weatherings—canceled
        Replaced by Fred Miller — Downsizing to a Shelf Layout (repeat) († handout available for download)