Cliff Wolff's
Pennsylvania Railroad
Bayonne to Weehawken
January 15, 2006

On a cold wintry day, the Potomac Division members were welcomed into the home of Cliff Wolff and his Pennsylvania Railroad basement layout. After spending numerous years in the woodworking hobby, Cliff sold most of his equipment and pursued his longtime dream of a layout in his former basement shop. Ringing the room with bench work about fifty two inches high, allows our host access to his layout using a duck under entrance under the yard. Storage and work space is organized under the bench work.

Presently, there are three main loops permitting three trains to run simultaneously. Besides a small Pennsylvania NW switcher hauling the local freight train, a brace of RS-15 PRR Alcos sang their respective tunes as they motored by pulling a large freight, while a tried and true steam engine continued to pull its tank train. An E-8 passenger train also made its continued rounds going from Bayonne to Weehawken, New Jersey.

Scenery is 75% complete, with many structures as fronts high on bluffs representing buildings of the inner city, alley ways and such. Many buildings have been custom made from remembrances of youth and pictures in his personal library. Not content with going in circles, Cliff has been "custom building" an elevated rail line from scratch using sheet styrene as noted in the picture to right of Cliff. This is but one short section he has created, yet the real piece of work is the curved raised elevated steel trestle he has built.

As ever changing as our designs in a model railroad layout can be, Cliff's track plan will change to include new trackage going around in front of an exterior door, which will be a lift out, to a new area over his work bench and spray booth area. 

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