Minicon 2015

Slide Show by Marshall Abrams and Bob Reid

Minicon Write-Up from the Flyer

Kudos from Minicon

Just a quick note to thank you for a nice presentation at the Mini-Con last Sunday. Your ideas and photos gave me some good ideas for my layout and I immediately ordered some material from Miller Engineering.
I have been a Life Member of the NMRA since 1975, but have rarely been involved with conventions and contests. Well, I plan to change that based on my experience at the Mini-Con last Sunday. I had a great time and met some very nice people. I am now energized enough to maybe finish enough of my layout for the Scenery Achievement Award soon and I might even get over the embarrassment of having such a small layout to invite people over to look at it.
Thanks again,
Ron King
Gainesville, VA
First off I want to thank you for putting on some of the best clinics I have ever seen outside a National Convention. Congratulations needs to passed on not only to the presenters, but your members in the Potomac Division, as well as to the people who organized this outstanding event. 

In addition I felt that having the two modules that were there was an outstanding touch to this event. Everyone there should feel proud of their accomplishment. Hopefully I can make next years event as well.

Stephen C. Wood, MMR
Division 13, MER
Durham, North Carolina
A very informative Mini-Con

I really enjoyed the PD Mini-Con on March 28th. I found the clinics to be very informative and I picked up some new techniques to apply to my layout real soon.
I even had a successful White Elephant sale – my 1st attempt to sell anything.
I look forward to the next one.
Bill Lyders